Happy New Year from us at TrustinIP!

Many things have happened in the world of IP and competition law in 2018. At TrustinIP, we have had some extraordinary guest posts, which is why we would like to take the opportunity to thank all the contributors and all our readers and wish everyone a happy new year. We are very proud to be a truly international blog with contributors from all over the world. The guest posts topics have concerned emerging inventions and technologies such as Crispr Cas9 and blockchain as well as wider policy questions such as copyright after Brexit or the patent working requirement in India. Below, we have summarized the guest posts from this year.

Crispr Cas9 in the EPO: In January, Lucia Tamayo Del Portillo from Colombia reported on the Crispr Cas9 decision from the EPO. You can read the whole post here.

The GDPR: In February, Helmut Liebel from Austria gave summarized a few tips on how to prepare for the GDPR. You can read the whole article here.

Working Requirement in India: In March, Preston Richard took us thru the requirement of working a patent in India. You can find the whole post here.

Post-Brexit Copyright and the Cartier judgment: In April, William Wortley reported on Brexit and the “notice to stakeholders” published by the EU Commission regarding post-Brexit copyright law. You can read the whole post here. In July, he also reported on the landmark UK Supreme Court in Cartier relating to the costs of implementing injunctions against internet service providers (ISPs) and blocking access to websites selling trademark infringing goods. You can find the whole post here.

IP and International Investment Law: In May, Ivan Stepanov discussed the question of defining trademarks as investment in international investment law and the Bridgestone v. Panama case. You’ll find the whole post under this link.

Software and Copyright in Oracle America v. Google: In September, Carlos Muñoz Ferrandis reported on the US Federal Circuit’s ruling in the Oracle America v. Google case. The whole post is available here.

Blockchain and Trade Secrets: Also in September, Alessio Balbo explored the potential of blockchain technology as means to facilitate legal protection of trade secrets. You can find the whole post here.

CJEU’s Decision in MEO and FRAND Disputes: In December, Urška Petrovčič analyzed the MEO v. Autoridade da Concorrência judgment from the CJEU and discussed its implications for the licensing of standard-essential patents. You can read the whole article here.

Once again, a huge thanks to our guest post contributors and our readers.

Happy New Year!

Marco Lo Bue

Yangjin Li

Vilhelm Schröder

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