IP issues in the telecom industry – An interview with Matteo Sabattini


The telecommunication industry has experienced a rapid and constant growth over the years. Now the 5G technology and the “Internet of Things” are behind the corner, but a number of legal and regulatory issues are being discussed. We talk about this and much more with Matteo Sabattini, expert in IP-related matters (for his complete bio, scroll down).

Good morning Dr. Sabattini. What’s the weather like today in Washington DC?

Earlier today, it was snowing. Light flurries. Quite unexpected considering that yesterday we had temperatures close to 20 degrees Celsius and spring weather conditions!

Today you are a patent and technology policy expert. What led you into this field? As a student, did you expect to work in this field?

In college, I was passionate about technology and engineering. I had initially envisioned myself as a researcher, an academic or an R&D engineer. And, in fact, that is what I did after I graduated and what pushed me to get a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering. I got into IP with an internship at a consulting firm in Boston. While I was growing frustrated with the pace and the often-challenging industrial applicability of academic research, I enjoyed the diversity that working on patents gave me. I was learning quickly and eagerly about a new field, where I could still use my technical skills in a much more applied fashion. Through the years, as I was learning more about IP, I gradually moved from pure technical support to business and commercial aspects of the business. Continue reading “IP issues in the telecom industry – An interview with Matteo Sabattini”

The lords of law – Veit Stoll (MSD)


TrustinIP inaugurates a series of interviews to lawyers that stand apart for their excellent skills. We will ask these “lords of law” to express their view on legal issues and personal opinions, hoping to give our readers some enjoyable minutes. We start with Veit Stoll, Director Legal Affairs & Compliance for MSD Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Good morning Mr. Stoll. What’s the weather like today in Munich?

Pretty fair. Partly sunny and some degrees Celsius above zero.

Today you are a renowned lawyer. What led you into studying law? As a school student, did you wish to become a lawyer?

Yes. Always wanted to be independent and have a broad education as basis for a variety of career choices. Continue reading “The lords of law – Veit Stoll (MSD)”